Perfect place for relaxation

Petrovai Guest House is situated in the romanian ancient settlement called Barsana, which is situated in Maramures, Romania. We find Barsana in the north side of the lands inhabited by the romanian people, at 19 km distance from the town called Sighetu Marmatiei and 22 km distance from the northern border of Romania. The landscape of Barsana village is composed of hills and plateaus and all its toponimies are closely connected with the legends and the people who live here. These landforms are located at the both sides of Iza river, being oriented parallel to the river, which runs southeast. The main occupation of the inhabitants from Barsana is agriculture, but they still deal with cattle and sheep growing. Of course, are not missing here very interesting occupations like: spinning, weaving, sewing and woodworking. Shaping the wood, people from Barsana are real artists, famous worldwide for sculpted oak gates, which are true works of traditional art.
A traditional Maramures Gate, an entrance in a world full of history and traditions    A typical fountain from Barsana area, where the water is always clear and cold

Barsana, Maramures, a special place of Romanian culture

A beautiful entrance, full of flowers, to Petrovai Guest HousePetrovai Guest House - from Barsana, Maramures, Romania - is situated in the picturesque land of Maramures, which occupies a distinctive place - with a very strong traditional specific - in history, geography and spirituality of the Romanian people. This area - called the Land of the free Dacians - Maramures -, has a particular resonance. This is due to the age and beauty, people's traditions, because of the richness and expressiveness of language from Maramures, because of the inexhaustible source of popular culture as original swing of birth of Roman scripts and for artistic sense of its inhabitants. In other words a perfect place for tourism, accommodation and relaxation.


Guest House Petrovai is in the middle
of a world full of history and traditions

Once accommodated at Guest House Petrovai you will discover a world full of history and tradition, and this site will first try to determine the location of the guesthouse, then to review the most beautiful and popular traditions of the area, trying to suggest what the tourists could visit (of which the best known attraction is Barsana Monastery), and in the end, will provide to its visitors an accommodation and contact informations.